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Photoshop Tips

We get asked all the time where to find training and tutorials on Photoshop and other skills. I have found that is among the most comprehensive resourse you can find, and they offer on-line tutorials and classes on just about every software you can think of as part of their subscription package. has a limited time free trial membership available so you can explore the content without commitment. After the free trial, has several subscription options, including monthly and annual plans that start for as little as $25 per month for unlimited access to all their on-line courses.

Good News everyone! You might be able to get access to for free!

Many universities offer free access to Lynda‘s vast library of tutorials and learning videos, which is great if you happened to be enrolled in one of these institutions. What about everyone else?

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, chances are you already have free access to Lynda’s courses through your local Public Library. Check online with your local Public Library and see if they offer access.

U-Photo is located in the state of Maryland, and we found you can get FREE access to’s vast collection of courses with your county Library Card and PIN. You can get your “digital” library card online to get started right away, and pickup your “physical” card next time you visit your local Library in person.

Here is the link to get access to the courses if you happen to live in Prince Georges County, Maryland. has a lot more “stand-alone” tutorials available by following the link below. You can also subscribe (for free!) to their Youtube channel to access dozens of useful and informative video tutorials.

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