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Print Mounting

Nearly everything we print can to be mounted in some fashion. Cold mounting will adhere regular photo prints and posters to rigid backings so they will look their best in a frame for years to come. This stabilizes and keeps your photos or art flat. Without it, your piece can become wavy or ripple under the glazing, which is caused by changes in temperature or humidity. Cold mounting is NOT recommended when framing valuable originals or fine art prints. Instead we offer conservation mounting where the piece is secured to an acid free backing board with removable linen tape or archival mounting corners. This is also desirable when you might want re-use a mat and frame with another same size original print. Conservation mounting on acid free foam core using archival mounting corners to immobilize the original on the board in combination with an acid free mat. The resulting assembly will keep the image flat inside the frame without the original touching the glazing material.

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