Choosing What to Frame

What to Frame

Buy Art That You Love

When choosing what to frame, you should always choose art that you love, not something that happens to have the same color scheme as your room. When you feel emotionally connected to your art, you will be happy to see it each time you pass by.

You could even buy art just because it makes you smile. When art means something to you, it is so much more satisfying than pieces you buy simply to fill a space.

Choosing Appropriate Art Sizes

When you are looking for art, size matters. Keep in mind that mats and framing will add to the size of the artwork, so be sure to allow for it when selecting your art.

It isn’t very flattering to the art or your wall when we need to use a narrower frame molding because there isn’t space for one that is better proportioned to the art.

On the flip side, if a framed art piece is too small, it can look totally out of place on a large wall. Base the size of your art on your room size, wall size, and nearby furnishings.

Create an Heirloom

If you are concerned about protecting and preserving your family treasures, consider having them framed. We will provide you with ideas for what to frame and how to best present each item and we will use all the best materials and techniques to help preserve them.

We have a lot of experience framing all kinds of treasures.

Stop by to see some of the examples we have and photos of other heirloom pieces we have created for clients. Whether you already know what you want to have framed or are looking for ideas, we’re here to help you!

Frame Your Hero

Our soldiers and veterans are true heroes. They give unselfishly to protect our country so we can continue to enjoy the lifestyle we have.

Whether your hero is an ancestor whose accomplishments you are proud of or you have a family member currently serving, bring us a photo of them in uniform or the commendations and awards they earned and we’ll be proud to turn them into beautifully framed works of art.

These types of displays remind us how fortunate we are and how much some people sacrifice to serve our country.

Framing Needlework

After someone spends hours and hours stitching something beautiful, we cringe when we see them shoved into ready-made frames that don’t quite fit. We will properly mount the piece so it will lay flat and straight in the frame.

First, we will guide you to frame choices that will allow the needlework to truly become the work of art it was intended to be.

We will also discuss whether or not you want glass since needlework can be framed with or without glazing. The frame designs we suggest will vary depending on which method you choose but we will do our best to make your special piece stand out.

While you are trying to choose what to frame, you can look at an overview of our metal framing options, by clicking here “Exhibition Framing”.