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Color Output Settings

Our Noritsu QSS-3202 PRO photographic imaging equipment works in the 8 bit, sRGB color space. Our Canon Pro 4000 printer can use either 8 bit, Adobe 1998 or sRGB for Studio Giclee’s. Output profile mismatches of these two different spaces may produce unexpected results, so be sure to submit your files in the appropriate space for the desired output type. We suggest “Perceptual” as the rendering intent for both color spaces.

sRGB matches the working color space used in most computer monitors, except for a few very high end units can that can display images in Adobe 1998. For standard photo printing, we suggest that your default working color space is set to sRGB. Although files created in Adobe 1998 can be converted to sRGB when needed, this will only slow production time with no direct benefit when printing to our Noritsu photo equipment.  In ALL cases, images must be submitted as 8 bit files.

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