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Many junior college and university classes include the catalog of tutorials and courses as a learning reference, but access is reserved for registered students and instructors. What about everyone else? While researching other posts, we discovered that if you live in the United States you may already have free access to Lynda’s courses. All you need to have is a card to your local Public Library! You can check for yourself with your County Library’s website and see if they offer access.

We found that residents in several Maryland counties can get FREE access to the collection of courses. You need a “digital” version of your county Library Card and a PIN, which is available online. Pickup your “physical” card the next time you visit your local Library.

Now the bad news. Alas, not every county in Maryland offers access to Lynda’s materials. However, we found all the County Libraries listed below provide a direct link to access at NO CHARGE! Have your digital Library card handy and click on the appropriate link below.

Click the links below to access Lynda’s courses if you live in these Maryland counties.

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