Archival Methods 86-1117 Crystal Clear Bag 11-7/16 x 17-1/4 Inches, Pack of 100 Price: $29.80 (as of 11/29/2022 21:53 PST- Details)

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Application: Our Crystal Clear Bags will protect prints, artwork, photographs, and documents during display, handling and storage. The Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) has excellent clarity, a low electrostatic charge, is acid-free, and is safe for long-term storage. Features: All Crystal Clear Bags have a protective adhesive closure strip located on the body of the bag, not the flap. This adhesive placement is important, as when the contents are removed or re-inserted there is less of a chance of the artwork sticking to the adhesive strip. It is, however, recommended that you insert and remove items carefully. Bags are sized to accommodate a thickness of matted prints or multiple prints. Bags up to 11×14″ will accommodate 3/16″ in thickness, and bags 12×16″ and larger will accommodate 3/8″ thickness. Each bag is sealed on three sides and opens on the short side with a 1-1/2” flap.

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