AUSTOR 100 Pcs PCB Board Kit Including 30 Pcs PCB Boards 30 Pcs 40 Pin 2.54mm Header Connector(Bonus: 10 Pcs 2P&3P… Price: $14.99 (as of 01/20/2022 13:20 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping. Details

PCB Board: 30 pieces double sided PCB prototype boards in 4 different sizes, 10 pieces 2*8cm, 10 pieces 3*7cm, 5 pieces 4*6cm and 5 pieces 5*7cm PCB boards
Header Connector: 10 pieces 40 pin male header, 10 pieces 40 pin pitch right angle male headers, 10 pieces 40 pin female header; pitch: 2.54mm, single row and straight connector
Screw Terminal Block: 5 pieces 5.08-301-2P and 5 pieces 5.08-301-3P ; pitch: 5.08mm, rated voltage: 300V, rated current: 16A

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AUSTOR 30 Pcs Double Sided PCB Board Prototype 4 Sizes Kit with 30 Pcs 40 Pin 2.54mm Male and Female Header Connector for DIY (Bonus: 10 Pcs 2P&3P Screw Terminal Blocks and 30 Pcs Jumper Caps)

PCB Board
30 Pieces in 4 different sizes, a good assortment to meet your design demands such as electronic experiments and DIY projects.
Easy to use: pre-tinned plated holes on the board make it very handy to solder components and sensors for your projects.
Easy installation: 4 mounting holes at the corners of the board are very convenient for installing them together.
Material: high quality glass fiber FR4
Hole-pitch: 2.54 mm

Header Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm, number of pins: 40pin.
Type of row: single row, type of connector: straight.
Great tool for Arduino proto shield.

Screw Terminal Block
Pitch: 5.08mm, 5.08-301-2P, 5.08-301-3P
Rated voltage: 300V, rated current: 16A

Jumper Caps
Pitch: standard 2.54mm pin spacing

Package include
2x8cm Prototype PCB universal board * 10
3x7cm Prototype PCB universal board * 10
4x6cm Prototype PCB universal board * 5
5x7cm Prototype PCB universal board * 5
40 Pin male header connector * 10
40 Pin pitch right angle male headers * 10
40 Pin female header connector * 10
5.08-301-2P * 5
5.08-301-3P * 5
Jumper caps * 30
Free plastic box * 1

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