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Includes many of the tools necessary to develop film and make prints.

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Includes all of the essentials to develop film and make prints. Includes film tank with reel, 2 film clips, safelight, timer, 3 8×10 trays, 3 print tongs, 3 32 oz. bottles, 8×10 easel, thermometer, funnel, beaker, squeegee, stirring rod, printing guide, and a package of BesFile Archival 35mm pages. Item Specifications: Product Description: Beseler photo developing kit Product Type: Photo developing kit Included Components: Developing reel, 2 roll-film clips, film tank, beaker, stirring rod, timer, thermometer, funnel, squeegee, 3 print tongs, 8×10 easel, 3 x 8×10 trays, film archival sleeves, 3 x 900ml (32oz.) bottles, safelight

This Beseler Photo Developing Outfit includes many of the tools necessary to develop film and make prints.

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