DZS Elec DC-DC Buck Boost Converter Module 5.5-30V 12v to 0.5-30V 5v 24v Adjustable Step Down Up Voltage Regulator… Price: $12.99$17.98 (as of 06/27/2022 03:12 PST- Details)

LCD: Can display input/output voltage, output current and output power; Voltage Display Resolution 0.05V, Current Display Resolution 0.005A.
IN/OUT button for switching LCD display; ON/OFF button for switching or setting output status switch; +/- button for regulating output voltage, short press to increase or decrease 0.05V, support long press for fast voltage regulation.
Safety Protection: With input reverse protection, short circuit protection. If charge the battery, charge the module first and then connect the battery, and make sure the battery voltage is lower than the output voltage.

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Size:Boost Buck Converter 3A

Product Description:

This module adopts boost and buck chip as the main controller, external 60V 75A MOS tube as the switch tube, double 60V 5A SS56 schottky rectifier, 60V voltage withstand value, more stable and reliable performance, is a good adjustable step-down/up constant voltage constant current solution.

Input Voltage: 5.5-30V (If the input voltage is 5V, measurement is not accurate. Less than 4.7V, low-voltage protection.)
Output Voltage: 0.5-30V
Output Current: 3A for long time stable work, can be up to 4A after enhancing heat dissipation.
Output Power: 35W in natural heat dissipation, up to 50W after enhancing heat dissipation.
Output Indicator: Constant current indicator light, output indicator light
Voltage Display Resolution: 0.05V
Current Display Resolution: 0.005A
Transfer Efficiency: Approx. 88%
Soft Start: YES (High power load module may fail when started)
Input Reverse Protection: YES
Output Anti-Backflow: YES, No additional anti-backflow diode is required for battery charging
Short Circuit Protection: YES, After short circuit protection, the module automatically shuts down the output, and be restored after re-energizing.
Low-Voltage Protection: The default is about 4.7V, the output will be automatically disconnected if less 4.7V.
Operating Frequency: 180KHz
Size: 66x48x21mm (LxWxH)
Mounting Hole: 4mm

Constant Current Mode:
CC sets the potentiometer for the current and rotates clockwise to increase the setting current and counterclockwise to reduce it. When the load current reaches the set current, it enters the constant current state and CC constant current indicator (red) lights up.

Package Include:
1pc Step-Down/Up Power Converter Module

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Adjustable step-down/up converter, Input Voltage: 5.5-30V, Output Voltage: 0.5-30V, Can be used for common boost and buck module with over current protection, adjustable battery charger, LED driver, etc
Power module limit constant current 0-4A arbitrary regulation, output 3A 35W for long time stable work, up to 4A 50W after enhancing heat dissipation.
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): Can switch display input voltage, output voltage, output current, output power. Voltage Display Resolution: 0.05V, Current Display Resolution: 0.005A
Safety Protection: LC filter, small output ripple, input anti-reverse connection protection, will not burn down, short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection.
Key Control: Short press IN/OUT to switch input and output voltage, long press to switch output current power. Short press ON/OFF to control output ON or OFF, long press to set the default output state ON or OFF.

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