ORDRO EP7 4K Vlog Hands-Free Camcorder Head Wearable Video Camera 60fps APP Control Built in 2-Axis Gimbal with 64G…

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The Ordro EP7 hands-free camcorder is equipped with a Sony 13mp cmos sensor, which can achieve high-quality 4k image output, and supports a maximum 60fps video recording. The ergonomic 76g lightweight body provides 4 times the resolution of 1080p and 3840×2160 resolution while focusing on comfort. Rated video images, with U3 microSDXC card can achieve 100MB/s video transmission, in addition, EP7 supports up to 256G storage, allowing you to record more 4k video with high-definition display.

The head-mounted design can achieve a first person view perspective Whether it is hiking or interacting with family, friends, work, and teaching, you can release your hands and create while recording. The EP7 supports Wi-Fi app control. You can download the Ordro app tailored for EP7 in iOS and Android app stores. Watch the images brought by EP7 at any time, and you can also edit videos and share them on social platforms.

Equipped with two-axis gimbal anti-shake and auto focus functions, it will not affect the stability of the picture due to the shaking of the human body, and achieve smooth video recording and maintain clarity. Thanks to Sony’s high-sensitivity sensor, EP7 has built-in hdr function, which can provide more image details than ordinary images even in a dark environment.

Ip65 level waterproof, no fear of rain and dust, no additional kit shell protection. The sweat-proof design ensures comfort during outdoor sports. The bottom of the EP7 uses a quarter-inch thread, which can be adapted to a variety of accessories, and can be attached with an external selfie stick or a tripod. The fuselage adopts a stereo microphone with two-channel design for radio reception.

The long-life 1000 mA high-capacity battery can support charging and recording while connected to a mobile power supply, shooting at will, without fear of power failure. Streamlined design headband, fits the head and ear shape, wearing glasses does not affect the use. The matte-textured body has a comfortable hand feel, and the top of the body is equipped with physical buttons for easy one-button shooting. There are HDMI and USB interfaces to connect external devices.

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