Portable Charger 30000mAh 2USB Ports/Super Bright Flashlight Portable Charger Quick Charge Phone Pad (Gray 30000mAh)

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Color:GRAY 30000mAh

Portable Phone chargers color option: Gray Red Blue Silver Gold
LED show capacity
Input:Micro USB, USB C(Type-C),Lightning
Output: USB 1, USB 2
Input 5.0V 2.0A
Output 5.0V 2.0A

1x Power bank
1x Charging Cable

Charge power bank use the usb charger of your smartphones.usb charger must be 5.0V 1.0-3.0A.if your usb charger output 2.0-3.0A,then charge power bank full quickly

The Advantages of the this new powerbank:A beautiful and stylish LED display is equipped for the product to indicate the remaining power capacity for you any time, which will avoid the troubles in your work or life caused by the lack of power when you go out.
A small flashlight is also mounted on the portable charger, and it is very convenient for outdoor night walking, parties, power outage at home and looking for anything.
There are 3 input ports (Micro USB/ USB TYPE-C and Lightning for iPhone), which are applicable to the common charging cables of almost all the mobile phones on the market. No matter which brand of mobile phone and its charging cable you use, you can charge the mobile with the product, and port Micro USB or USB Type-c is preferably recommended.
2x Output USB Ports, then you can charge 2 phones or 2pcs other devices e.g. Bluetooth speaker headphones tablet etc. This power bank output 5V 2A,then it can charges many Electronic product
Featured with higher safety, high hardness and resistance to falling, the metal aluminum alloy casing effectively protects the internal circuit board, components and batteries, etc. Although the casing is expensive, it is safer and more resistant to falling, friction and anti-flaming than ordinary plastic casing.

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