Raising Ruby: The Amazing True Story of a Twentieth Century Woman Kindle Edition

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By the onset of her fifties, Patricia Smith Wood, author of the Harriet McKinsey murder mysteries, began to think about the amazing life of her mother, Ruby Ellen Scott Smith. Ruby had overcome a great deal of trauma and unhappiness in her early years. She worked hard to create a good life for herself. She loved to read, and had a vast library to prove it. Music warmed her soul. She was a prolific gardener. She also had a love of birds and maintained feeding stations for all of them well into her 90s.

Not long after she died, her daughter Patricia began to receive mental “suggestions” to write a book about her mother’s life. At first, she dismissed the idea. Then one day my mind started exploring the possibility. I’m a fiction writer, she told herself. And she was very good at that, having won many awards, her favorite probably being the New Mexico Book of the Year Award.

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