Yasuhara NANOHAx5 Micro Lens for Mirrorless Cameras Micro 4/3, Panasonic, Olympus

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World’s only Microscopic Camera Lens.
Magnifies 4X to 5X.
Built in 5500K LED Illumination.

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Yasuhara NANOHAx5(M) (with lighting unit) for Micro 4/3 cameras such as Panasonic and Olympus NANOHAx5 is a unique, new macro lens for mirrorless cameras which offers up to 5x magnification capabilities. It is designed to give you microscopic optics for your camera without needing a microscope. With NANOHAx5, you can find small wonders easily. A built-in LED illumination system allows for easy shooting. The continuous light source lets you shoot stills or video of a whole new and normally unseen world.NANOHAx5 is designed for mirrorless cameras. So the pictures are clear to the corners and virtually no distortion. The name NANOHAx5, NANO is from a nanometer, which is 1/1000 micrometer. NANOHAx5 is the gateway to the nanometer world. Quality made in Japan. The NANOHAx5 is a manual lens that requires you to put your camera into ‘Shoot without Lens’ mode. You shoot with the NANOHAx5 in A (aperture) or M (manual) mode.

World’s only Microscopic Camera Lens.

  • Magnifies 4X to 5X.
  • Built-in 5500K LED Illumination.
  • Use for still and video.
  • Quality made in Japan.

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