Digital Capture

Digital Capture

Digital Capture

Digital capture and scans of outstanding quality are available from art or photos of almost any size. Oversize originals are imaged using a multi-pass capture technique. This type of digital capture contains amazing detail and provides accurate colors and a wide dynamic range.

Please specify the desired use, final output image size, and resolution. Price does not include image manipulation or the cost of storage media. Framed art and/or originals larger than 24″ may require additional setup charges starting at $35. Not available for all types of artwork. Check with a customer service representative for details.

Raw File SizeArt/Photo
Up to 20 MB$15
Up to 45 MB$20
Up to 90 MB$30
Up to 130 MB$50
Up to 250 MB$75
300 MB +$100

Please call to schedule an appointment for a face-to-face visit to order Digital Captures. 

Copyright Notice

Artwork or photographs bearing a copyright mark © or other notice of ownership cannot be accepted for reproduction without the written permission of the copyright owner. Federal law strictly prohibits unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted materials, and provides severe civil penalties for anyone found in violation. Customer supplied disclaimers are not acceptable in place of the copyright owners release. Absence of a copyright mark from a professionally made photograph does not imply permission to copy.

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