Flatbed Scans

Professional grade flatbed scans are available from standard-sized flat art or photos up to 12×18 at resolutions up to 4000 PPI. Please specify the desired use, color space, output image size & resolution, and file format. Price does not include the cost of image manipulation or storage media.

Oversize flat art and photos are captured using proprietary technologies that allow us to capture images larger than 12×18 with multiple scans. Captures made with this method produce a digital file of exceptional resolution and sharpness.

Scans can be burned to CDR for $6.95 per Disc, or DVDR for $9.95 per Disc, or copied to a new 16GB USB for $14.95. This name-brand USB device can be used for additional storage of scans or corrections done in the future.

Raw File SizeArt/PhotoOversize Art
10 MB$ 1.50$ 5.00
20 MB$ 3.00$10.00
40 MB$ 5.00$15.00
80 MB$ 7.00$20.00
120 MB$10.00$30.00
180 MB$15.00$50.00
300 MB$20.00$75.00

To order Flat Bed Scans, you can drop off originals in person or send them to us via courier, USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

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