Mail-In Slide Scans

Slide Scans

Slide scans are sized for 4×6 300 dpi (1200x1800px) Up to 500 of these scans can be saved as JPEG’s on a single CD (at $5.95 per CD). 4500 or more JPEG scans will fit on a single DVD (at $10.95 per DVD). We also offer a Brand Name 16GB reusable USB Flash Drive with transfer for $14.95.

Prices are for mounted, full-frame 35mm slides. Price does not include electronic dust/scratches removal. Slides are carefully cleaned with ionized, anti-static compressed air before scanning.

Mail-In Slide Scans

Bring or mail-in your old slides and we’ll turn them into digital scans so you can enjoy them once again on current technology.

A slide scanned at 1200 dpi resolution is suitable for display on 1080p HDTV or for making 4×6 or 5×7 photo prints.

For slide quantities of up to 500 originals. Please see the volume categories pricing. Higher resolution scanning is available at additional cost. Please call us for more information.

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