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Canvas Gallery Wraps

We make our Elite and Pro Canvas Gallery Wraps on the highest quality cotton-poly blend artist canvas and then wrapped around the sides of wood gallery frame. The result is a stunning and unique presentation that will fit into any decor. Canvas Gallery Wrap prints are produced using an ink jet process that utilizes archival pigment based inks for maximum print life and are also protected with a UV blocking clear acrylic sealer so that your creation is delivered “ready-to-hang”.


  • Available from digital files only. Scans must be added separately, if from any other original.
  • Price includes a Studio Giclée Canvas Print w/ clear UV acrylic coating to enhance archival life.
  • Prices do not include the cost of corrective artwork, or retouching  available at $20 per quarter hour.
  • Elite and Pro Gallery Wraps are listed in standard sizes, however,  frame sections can be mixed to allow for unlisted sizes and will be quoted per job. Custom sizes may require special order at additional cost.
  • Extra space must be allowed for the wrapping process. 1-1/4” Elite Gallery Wraps require 1-1/2” extra on each side, or a total of 3” added to the final image size. 1-3/4” Pro Galley Wraps require 2” extra on each side, or a total of 4” added to the final image size.
  • Wraps larger than 11×14 include corner bracing. 1-3/4” Gallery Wraps longer than 36″ include rear cross bracing.


Gallery Wrap Size 1-1/4" Elite 1-3/4" Pro Gallery Wrap Size 1-1/4" Elite 1-3/4" Pro
8x8 $36 N/A 16x24 N/A $108
8x10 $39 N/A 18x18 $80 $102
8x12 $42 N/A 18x24 N/A $115
10x10 $45 $55 18x36 N/A $155
10x20 $65 $85 20x20 $95 $108
10x30 N/A $125 20x24 N/A $118
11x14 $60 $75 20x30 N/A $134
11x16 $65 $80 20x40 N/A $160
12x12 $55 $70 20x48 N/A $216
12x16 $74 $88 24x24 N/A $145
12x18 $78 $95 24x30 N/A $150
12x24 N/A $104 24x36 N/A $168
12x36 N/A $140 24x48 N/A $190
12x48 N/A $185 30x30 N/A $170
14x14 $70 $84 30x36 N/A $180
14x20 $80 $94 30x40 N/A $188
16x16 $75 $89 36x36 N/A $217
16x20 $89 $98 36x48 N/A $240

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