Mounting and Finishing

Mounting and Finishing

We provide mounting and finishing on Art Board, Foam Board, Gator Board, and other substrates. We can apply a UV clear sealer to canvas prints and attach them to wood stretcher strip frames. Photo prints can be protected with Glossy or Luster UV lamination.

papermat standard

Click on the images above to download matboard catalogs from Nielsen-Bainbridge and Peterboro.

Art Board is a smooth, pH neutral double weight pressure sensitive mounting board that is perfect for mounting photographic prints or posters. Not available in all sizes.

1/8” & 3/16” Foam Board is a lightweight material made with an inner core of polystyrene foam sandwiched by an outer layer of smooth paper. Ideal for framing. Please note that foam core in larger sizes does tend to warp.

3/16” Gator Board is a lightweight rigid board made with a dense inner core of polystyrene foam sandwiched by an outer layer of wood pulp impregnated with a plastic surface. This fiber veneer provides high structural strength making its stiff, non-warping properties ideal for large displays. 1/2″ Gator Board Mounting is available by special order.

1/8″ Polystyrene is a thin, durable black plastic board that ideal for space-sensitive framing or direct display mounting with velcro strips.  

Masonite is a rigid hardboard that is manufactured from wood fibers and formed into dense panels with an extremely hard, tempered smooth surface. It is heavyweight and very durable. This material is often used in our Box and Floater frames.

Acid-Free 4 Ply Single Mat * is available in standard colors. Specialty colors, finishes, and 8 ply mats are available at additional cost.

Artist Canvas on Stretcher Frame We attach an Artist Canvas Studio Giclée print to wooden stretcher strips, ready for framing.

Conservation Fine Art MountThis premium method utilizes acid-free foam core backing board, and archival mounting corners, and/or linen “T” hinges. The artwork is held securely in place but is allowed to move freely to allow for changes in temperature and humidity. Mats are secured with archival adhesive to prevent shifting during framing.

Canvas UV SealerThis is a smooth Luster finish clear UV blocking coating that seals and protects the print from fingerprints and dirt. It is recommended for use on all Artist Canvas that will be displayed without glazing.

Glossy or Luster LaminateA premium Glossy or Luster finish that shields your prints from harmful UV  rays and damaging moisture.

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