Photo Printing

Photo Printing

Photo printing with our Photo Express system is fast, simple, and fun! Because this is a web-based application, there is no special software to download. You can create our photo products using a computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or web-enabled tablet.

Upload from the Cloud!

You can even upload images from your Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, OneDrive, and other social media and cloud accounts.

Easy Peasy!

There are no complicated sign-up forms to complete before you start your project, and everything is done within your browser. You can quickly create an account and save an order to complete later, then edit before submission for production.

We offer great-looking prints in several options:
(Corrected) Photo Reprints

Photo printing in sizes from “Wallet” to 12″x18″ these prints are produced on our Noritsu QSS-3202 digital photo printer using Fuji Professional Crystal Archive “Luster” finish silver-based photographic paper.

Each image is individually technician corrected for optimum color & density.

Print Size1st PrintAdd'l Copies
3x5, 4x5, 4x6 or 5x5$ .50$ .35
5x7, 6x7 or Wallet 4up$ 1.55$ 1.10
6x8 or 6x9$ 2.25$ 1.60
8x10, Wallet 8up$ 3.50$ 2.45
8x12 or 8.5x11$ 4.80$ 3.40
10x10$ 5.00$ 3.50
10x12$ 6.00$ 4.20
10x13$ 6.50$ 4.55
10x14$ 7.00$ 4.90
10x15$ 7.50$ 5.25
(Non-Corrected) Economy Reprints

This economical photo printing is available at our lowest price when your files are “Ready-to-Print” and require no further correction. Please consult our imaging specialist to verify calibration standards before ordering. Files should be large enough for output at 180-300 PPI and saved as 8 bit sRGB JPEG’s.

Produced on our Noritsu QSS-3202 digital photo printer using Fuji Professional Crystal Archive “Luster” finish silver-based photographic paper, and are available in sizes from “Wallet” to 12″x18″.

Print Size1st Print
3x5, 4x5, 4x6 or 5x5$ .25
5x7, 6x7 or Wallet 4up$ .99
6x8 or 6x9$1.10
8x10, 7x10 or Wallet 8up$1.85
8x12, 8.5x11, 9x12, 10x10$2.20
Archival Pro Prints

These premium quality prints are produced on our Canon PRO 4000 wide format printer utilizing up to 12 different color Lucia inks. These archival pigments include Red and Blue for enhanced color and saturation over conventional CMYK inks. This technology sets a new standard for outstanding print quality combined with superior archival life.

Available in sizes from 5″x7″ up to 20″x30″ and are printed on premium-quality, resin-coated 10 mils “Luster” surface inkjet photo paper that is comparable to the paper finish that we use for our silver-based printing.

Additional sizes and products up to 44’x72″ are available in the Enlargements with Mounting Options section on our Photo Factory page.

Print Size1st PrintAdd'l Copies
5x7 (or smaller)$ 3.00$ 2.40
8x10 $ 5.40$ 4.30
8x12, 8.5x11 or 8x12$ 7.50$ 6.00
10x10 or 10x12$ 8.10$ 6.50
10x14 or 10x15$10.25$ 8.20
11x14$10.25$ 8.20
11x16 or 11x17$12.75$10.20

Is my file big enough?

All of our photo and inkjet printing is produced at between 300 and 360 dpi output size.  If your file’s pixel resolution is in or lower than that specified in the “pink” column, please check with us before ordering.

We have specialized software to  optimize a file for maximum quality. Up-scaling a small file yourself may actually decrease the quality of the print, so please let us handle this task.

Output Size300 dpi200 dpi150 dpi100 dpi

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