Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

We can restore faded or damaged pictures with our photo restoration services. First we scan your original photo, then we fix cracks, tears, stains and spots. In many cases, color can be either partially or fully restored to it’s original beauty.

We can also alter a faded image to true black and white or old fashioned sepia. We can even modify an image by adding or remove people or other objects or change the background. Because we do all our work in-house and your original materials never leave our store, you can be sure that your precious photos will be safe.

For a more precise quote, we need to evaluate your original and size and type of reproduction you want from your retouched image.

Basic Restoration - $4 per image

Our Basic Restoration Service includes:

  • Removal of minor dust, pimples and blemishes and minor, general cleanup of the image.
Medium Restoration - $8 per image

Our Medium Restoration Service Includes ONE of the following:

  • Color enhancement or colorization of intact photo OR
  • Restoring areas with light scratches or spots but not affecting the main subject.
Heavy Restoration - $15 per image, up to a maximum of 1/4 hour of retouching

Heavy Restoration Service Includes TWO of the following:

  • Tear through the photo affecting but not obliterating the subject.
  • Light Restoration plus color enhancement.
  • Repair lightly damaged original and change from oval to portrait.
  • Changing/swapping a background.
Advanced Resoration - $ Quote

Advanced restoration is charged by the amount the time needed. This requires an inspection and evaluation of the original before an estimate can be provided.

Time is billed at the rate of $20 per quarter hour and includes skills such as hand painted color restorations, repairing/rebuilding tears, cracks, and water or sun damaged originals.

Artwork or photographs bearing a copyright mark © or other notice of ownership cannot be accepted for reproduction without the written permission of the copyright owner. Federal law strictly prohibits unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted materials, and provides severe civil penalties for anyone found in violation. Customer supplied disclaimers are not acceptable in place of the copyright owners release. Absence of a copyright mark from a professionally made photograph does not imply permission to copy.

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