Roll Film Scans

Roll Film Scans

Roll film scans are made from developed color and B&W negative or transparency roll films. Low res 35mm scans are sized for 4×6 300 PPI output, Medium res is 8×12 at 300 PPI, and High res is 10×15 at 300 PPI. 120/220 roll films are scanned at  5×5 or 4×5 300 PPI (low res) 8×8 or 8×10 300 PPI (medium Res) or 10×10 or 10×13 300 PPI (high res).

Images are saved as jpeg files unless otherwise requested. (Please see the chart below for more information)

Up to 650 MB can be saved on a CD for $5.95. Up to 4 GB can be saved on a single DVD is $10.95. A reusable 16 GB USB Flash Drive is available for only $14.95 with an upload of up to 4 GB included. Additional uploads to this drive are $4.95 for up to 4 GB of data per upload.

35mm roll film scans are made from full-frame images only.

How to order Roll Film Scans

To order Roll Film Scans, you can drop off the film in person or send us the images via courier, USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

roll film scans
Cut Strip & Roll Film Scans
Film Size Un-Cut Roll, All Cut Strips, All Cut Strips Select
35mm Low Res $ .35 ea $ .75 ea $ .95 ea
35mm Med Res $ .75 ea $1.25 ea $2.00 ea
35mm High Res $1.50 ea $2.50 ea $3.00 ea
120/220 Low Res $ .50 ea $1.50 ea $1.95 ea
120/220 Med Res $ .95 ea $1.95 ea $2.50 ea
120/220/ High Res $1.50 ea $3.00 ea $3.50 ea

This chart illustrates the pixel resolution and approximate raw TIF file sizes of scans at different resolutions from the indicated film sizes. Images saved as JPEG’s can be significantly smaller than TIF’s.

Film Size Low Res Med Res High Res
35 mm 1200x1800 2400x3600 3000x4500
6x4.5 cm 1350x1800 2250x3000 3000x4000
6x6 cm 1800x1800 2400x2400 3000x3000
6x7 cm 1800x2100 2400x2800 3000x3500
Raw TIF Size 5-6 MB 18-22 MB 34-38 MB

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