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Many of our clients have asked for a solution for dealing with RAW digital files. Although many photographers want to take advantage of the security that the extended exposure latitude and color correction range RAW shooting provides, they find the ordeal of processing images shot in this enhanced format too time consuming or confusing. We are pleased to offer a service that can free you from the burden of working in RAW well, most of it – you still have to download your own memory cards!

We will professionally optimize and color correct your RAW digital files, perform a rough edit (crop and/or rotate) and convert them into hi-res JPEG’s, ready for printing or uploading to your online Gallery. We can also prepare images to your specification for delivery to your client on CD or DVD or USB stick.

If you are more comfortable shooting JPEG’s, we can can still provide dramatic improvements to your uncorrected images with this service. We also will store your enhanced files for up to one year on our server at no additional cost.

A BIG advantage of having us correct your RAW or JPEG images is that they then qualify for our “Ready-to-Print” option if your order is created and submitted through our online order portal or your Presentation Gold software.

Please provide your RAW or JPEG files on CD, DVD or USB drive. We have computers available in our customer service area if you prefer to download your images directly to our in-house print server. Files may also be uploaded through our on-line FTP site. Please call us for detailed information.

Quantity of Files Setup Fee Cost Per Image
1-50 $ 4.95 $.35 ea
51-99 $ 6.95 $.30 ea
100-299 $ 9.95 $.25 ea
300+ $16.95 $.20 ea
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