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Framing Sports Jerseys

Sporting memorabilia is fun to have on display. Whether your favorite sports star is a professional or in little league, framing a jersey is a great way to remember a winning season or special game. There are various ways we can frame these types of items. Showing the entire jersey looks great, but if you don’t have the space for it, we can also fold it to show a smaller portion. Either way, it will look dynamic and add excitement to a space!

Framing Quilts/Quilt Squares

Although a quilt can be hung from a rod directly on the wall, it can look more finished and special in a frame. Framing may also be a safer approach when displaying fragile, antique quilts that have been left weak from use. Some people choose to have individual quilt squares framed so each member of the family has a piece to remember a loved one or ancestor. Quilt squares can look amazing when framed and custom framing is a fantastic way to preserve a true work of art.

Framing Article of Clothing

We can frame just about anything, including clothing. Perhaps you have something special that was handed down in your family, like your grandmother’s wedding dress, a christening gown or button up shoes. Maybe it is your own military uniform or a kimono you picked up on a trip. We can even frame a funky t-shirt, a hand-painted scarf or a kitschy neck tie. The point is you may find “art” where you least expect it. We look forward to turning something meaningful to you into art for your walls.

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