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Is Shooting RAW Really Worth While?

Many photographers want to take advantage of the security that the extended exposure and color correction range RAW shooting provides, but they find the ordeal of processing images too time consuming and often confusing. We are pleased to offer a service that can free photographers from the burden of working in RAW. Well, most of it – we’ll still need you to download your memory cards!

Painless RAW Processing

We will professionally optimize and color correct your RAW digital files, perform a rough edit (crop and/or rotate) and convert them into hi-res JPEG’s, ready for printing or uploading to an online Gallery. We can also prepare images to your specification for delivery to the client on CD or DVD or USB stick.

Even if you are more comfortable shooting JPEG’s, we can ususally provide dramatic improvements to uncorrected images with our processing service. We also will store your enhanced files for up to one year on our server at no additional cost.

What is the Advantage of Shooting RAW?
  • Enhanced Control for Over/Under Exposure Recovery
  • Extended Dynamic Range over In-Camera Standard JPEG’s
  • Wide Range for Correction of Mismatched Color Balance Settings
  • Better Sharpness with NO Artifacts from JPEG Compression (When saved as TIF)
  • Superior Results Achieved with Large Format Printing

But, the BIG advantage for having us correct your RAW or JPEG images is that they will then qualify for our economical “Ready-to-Print” option when your order is submitted through our online order portal.

How Do I Get My RAW Files to U-Photo?

You can provide your RAW or JPEG files on CD, DVD or USB device. You can make an appointment to use one of the computers in our customer service area to upload files directly to our production server.

To send us your RAW or JPEG files on-line, you can send them by “wetransfer”, “onedrive”, “google drive”, “dropbox” or upload them to our FTP site.

What do you Charge for RAW and JPEG Processing?
Quantity of Files Setup Fee Cost Per Image
1-50 $ 4.95 $.35 ea
51-99 $ 6.95 $.30 ea
100-299 $ 9.95 $.25 ea
300+ $16.95 $.20 ea

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