If you are new to Preview Gallery, you will probably have questions about how to get things done. This page will provide links to "How to Videos" on the subjects often requested about working with your new Preview Gallery account. Hopefully, these videos will answer most of your questions. Just click on the links below and a video will play on the selected subject.

If you are a MAC or a PC user that is planning to use the Preview Gallery Dashboard for all of your work:

  1. Register - How to register for a Preview Gallery Account.( Please use our lab code "UPH" to register)
  2. How to Log In to your new Preview Gallery Account.
  3. Using EZ-Print to create a print order through your Preview Gallery Dashboard.
  4. How to customize your Preview Gallery Website.
  5. Setting prices & creating Product Price Catalogs. (You must do this before uploading an event).
  6. Payment and Shipping Options for your Preview Gallery. (After you have created a catalog).
  7. See how you can create custom packages for your Product Price Catalogs.
  8. How to upload a Preview Gallery Event.
  9. Explains how web orders are received, and how to prepare them for order fulfillment.
  10. Here is how you can modify and Event that has already been uploaded.

If you are a Windows PC user and want to use the free Presentation Gold software:

  1. How to download Presentation Gold. (There are separate versions for Windows XP, and Vista, 7, & 8)
  2. Installing Presentation Gold on your PC.
  3. Place orders with Presentation Gold.
  4. Uploading images to your Preview Gallery.

If you need more help with your Preview Gallery, please call Dave Smith at UPHOTO at 301-937-5510 or toll free 800-362-5959.

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