Our current Price Catalog in PDF format is available for download by clicking on the image below. Please note that as of January, 2017 we have revised much our pricing to reflect vendor related price increases over the last year. We had been able to absorb some of these costs in the past, but a recent 9% increase in the cost of photo paper alone has forced us to re-evaluate our pricing structure. Happily during this review we found a number of pricing inconsistancies that, when corrected, actually resulted in prices being lowered for several products. We have also been forced to drop leatherette proof book covers from our line since the sole surviving vendor has discontinued the product. Instead we now offer our "proof magazine" which features a 15mil clear plastic cover and a spiral coil binding and is available in 8x10, 8.5x11 and 10x13 sizes.

And life goes on!

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