You too can pay less to power your home. We had SolarCity install a system on our home and have been saving up to 40% on our energy costs. We chose the power purchase agreement (PPA) option, which allows you to get the system installed at no up-front cost at all!

We buy the power generated from our SolarCity system at a substantial discount. Any excess electricity is fed back into the grid for credit from the local utility. SolarCity allows you to generate your own clean, more affordable solar energy. Did I mention that the installation of our system was completely free!

You can lock in low, predictable energy costs that are probably way less than you currently pay. It’s as simple as that. Best of all there is no cost for installation, maintenance or insurance.

If you would rather own your system, you can purchase a professionally designed and installed system from SolarCity to provide all your energy needs and sell any excess power back to the utility company at a profit and enjoy the tax advantages available for solar installations. Several leasing options are also available.

Contact SolarCity using this link for a no cost, no obligation survey to see if your home is a good candidate for a free solar power system.

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